Scarborough Tennis Federation
Scarborough Tennis Federation and Inter - Club League play:

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West Rouge Tennis Club
All 20 tennis clubs located across the former city of Scarborough make up the membership of the Scarborough
Tennis Federation, which is affiliated with both the Ontario Tennis Association and Tennis Canada.

The overall goal of all three organizations is to support organized tennis play across their areas allowing players
to improve and thereby achieve their potential. If you are a new member of the West Rouge Tennis Club
(WRTC) it will not be long before you hear STF spoken of and odds are the speaker will be referring to the
competitive Inter-Club league of singles and doubles tennis play, organized by STF on a Scarborough-wide basis.

There are five Divisions namely A1,  A2,  B1,  B2 and C1 which make up the League. The STF does much
more than this, but their Inter-Club league are perhaps its best known activity.  Clubs send their best players to
represent them in the Divisions making up the League playing at the five skill levels.

Level A Division (top level) players may also play at the provincial or even national levels.  In 201
6 the WRTC
will field Teams, in the B1 Division, B2 Division and in the C1 Division.  There will be try-out evenings in late
April when prospective members can demonstrate their tennis skills to the Captains and from which the Team
members will be chosen.  Inter-Club League play begins in the week of May 11 this year and ends in late
August or early September after some 13 or 14 games.

A number of our Club members who play in the STF Inter-Club Divisions also play in our House Leagues which
allows our recreational level players to experience a higher standard of play.  Anyone interested in joining our
B1, B2 or C1 Teams should email to express their interest.