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             West Rouge Courts Will be Open to the Public for 2020

For 2020, the West Rouge Tennis Club Executive team has made the difficult decision to not open as
a community club this season.   The City will open our courts as public courts for this season only.

All courts will be open for play, free of charge, for everyone. There will be no club membership this year.  
Under the new social distancing guidelines, the City of Toronto has downloaded all legal liability as it
relates to COVID-19 and other issues onto the club and its officers and directors. Clubs are also not
able to offer any programming, leagues, junior camps or events - only singles recreational play.
Therefore, the WRTC committee made the decision to follow the recommendation of the Scarborough
Tennis Federation and not secure a permit this year.

We prepared the following Q&As to provide answers to some common questions that may come up.

When will the courts open?
We don’t know exactly when the city will open the courts - but it will be soon. Once the courts are open,
we will update you.

Can we play doubles on the public courts at West Rouge?
At this time, only singles play is allowed. Keep an eye on the court signage and Toronto website for any
changes to the guidelines.

I already paid my membership; will I receive a credit or refund for the season?
All members who paid for the 2020 season will receive a credit on their account that can be applied to
future membership dues or other club fees. Members who would like a refund must submit a request
treasurer@westrougetennisclub.com and a cheque will be issued to the address on file. Please
indicate if your address has changed on your refund request.

Are Scarborough Tennis Federation (STF) competitive leagues cancelled?
The new rules were clear – no community tennis clubs can offer any programming including
competitive league play.

Can I still take lessons?
Yes. For information on lessons, please contact our club pro Cameron at wittick77@gmail.com

Will the club be hosting any social events?
No. All club events are cancelled for 2020. Information regarding the year end Annual General Meeting
will be sent in the fall.

What social distancing guidelines must be followed?
A copy of the social distancing guidelines can be found on the City of Toronto website. Tennis players
are also encouraged to review the recommended guidelines set out by Tennis Canada and the other
tennis associations.

Forget about the West Rouge Tennis Club, have other community clubs opened this year?
Some area community clubs are opening but with no tennis programming. This includes Heron Park,
Charlottetown and the Pickering community clubs, just to name a few in the area. Check their websites
for membership information.

Will West Rouge Tennis Club open as a community club in 2021?
We hope to have everyone back to West Rouge Tennis Club next year.

What if members of the public are not following the recommended guidelines?
If you wish to report non-compliance with the Covid-19 guidelines, please call 311.

How can I stay in touch with other members and the club?
Follow us on our Facebook page - keep an eye out for updates and posts from members.

Can I purchase tennis balls from the club?
Yes. We are selling a standard case for $122 at cost. Please contact:
treasurer@westrougetennisclub.com to place an order.

If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Jon Cabell – President WRTC